About Us

Tarian is the name for the Southern Wales Regional Organised Crime Unit (ROCU) and was launched 2003 in response to the increased threat of Class A drugs in communities.  During 2003 operation Tarian created a Regional Task Force (RTF) and Regional Intelligence Unit (RIU), both becoming fully operational in January 2004. The unit was further enhanced by the co-location of the Regional Asset Recovery Team (RART) in March 2004 and a new Regional Protected Persons Unit began operations in January 2013.

During 10 years of operation Tarian has achieved significant results to include:

584 arrests resulting in 632 years of sentencing which has subsequently led to the dismantling or disruption of over 140 Organised Crime Groups.

513 warrants and house searches have been conducted and over £1.4 million in cash has been seized as well as a significant number of drugs removed from the streets to include:

  • 43.1 kg of heroin
  • 21.3 kg of cocaine
  • 485g of crack
  • 21,333 ecstasy tablets
  • 338 kg of cannabis (resin/bush)
  • 40 kg of amphetamine
  • 3.5 kg of class C drugs

Tarian is funded by a combination of Home Office Grants, contributions from Southern Wales Forces and Welsh Government and is reliant on these funding streams to effectively tackle Serious and Organised Crime.