Cross-border investigation cracks drug gang


Thanks to a complex and protracted joint investigation an Organised crime gang has been dismantled and a significant amount of drugs taken off the streets.

Operation Nissan, which was managed by TARIAN, the Welsh Regional Organised Crime Unit, was a six-month investigation involving covert policing techniques.

Working with colleagues in Kent Constabulary, the overwhelming evidence ensured that the six defendants pleaded guilty Conspiracy to supply Class A – and received a total of over 25 years in prison.

They formed part of a wider crime group from the South Wales and Kent areas. However, this was taken apart on 27 April 2016 following a pre-planned arrest phase, which was executed in a joint operation with The Metropolitan Police and the National Crime Agency.

During this operation all members of the OCG were arrested and subsequently interviewed – and on 15 July 2016 all six members of pleaded Guilty to Conspiracy to supply Class A controlled drugs.

A covert policing operation observed that a silver Mercedes E220 travelled into Bridgend from Kent with Kevin Cloke driving and passenger Henson Waithe.

The pair met Lee Thomas Stoddart in Fairlawn Terrace, Pencoed, who was driving a Silver Vauxhall Corsa. Stoddart was given a package – and the Silver Corsa was subsequently stopped by officers and located in the boot compartment was 1KG of cocaine with a purity of 75 per cent.

Subsequent enquiries conducted by TARIAN officers revealed that Adam Lawrence Jarrett from Dartford, Kent was the facilitator and organiser of the supply and transportation of Controlled drugs to Justin Shears. Jarrett would then use Cloke and Waithe as couriers to the South Wales area.

DI Julian Bull of the Regional Organised Crime Unit said: "This is another positive result for the Welsh Regional Organised Crime unit and the communities we serve, the sentencing reflects the professionalism and tenacity of the investigating team, together with our colleagues in Kent and the Crown Prosecution Service during what can only be described as a complex enquiry.
“Clearly the individuals involved in this case, especially Jarrett and Shears, have no regard for the law and were intent on making large sums of money from their drug dealing activities, with no consideration of the terrible impact their actions were having on our communities.
“The level of this investigation and sentencing should send a clear message to those intent on committing serious crime within our Region that you will ultimately be frustrated and held responsible for your actions.
"We are committed to targeting all forms of organised criminals and I would like to take this opportunity to appeal to the public that if they have any information that can help us then please contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111."

The following sentences were received:

·         Head of the OCG in Kent: Adam Lawrence JARRETT:12/04/69 = 6 Years

·         Head of the OCG in South Wales: Justin Shears: 30/03/81 = 6 Years

·         Drug Courier for Kent: Kevin Cloke: 23/07/58 = 4 Years

·         Drug Courier for Kent: Henson Leonard Waithe: 15/08/73 = 3 Years 8 Months

·         Drug Courier for South Wales: Lee Thomas Stoddart: 03/09/77 = 2 Years 3 months

·         Drug Courier for South Wales: Daniel Morgan: 27/06/87 = 2 Years 8 Months