Regional Task Force

The RTF is the enforcement/operational arm of Tarian and was the first regional unit to be established.  Since its inception, there have been many operations of note over 10 years to include Operation Denver that has proven to be the single largest investigation undertaken by the Regional Task Force. Denver involved a loose confederation of a number of organised crime groups that were involved money laundering, heroin and firearms supply impacting on the southern Wales region.

For operation Denver, the Regional Task Force focussed on the most dangerous organised crime group members that resulted in 34 arrests and 23kg of heroin being seized with a street value of £2.3 million; 4kg of amphetamine seized with a street value of £40K and 100kg of cannabis resin seized with a street value of £28k.  As well as processed drugs, a cannabis factory was located in Caerphilly with plants valued at over £20k and a heroin factory located and dismantled that had contained 314kgs of cutting agents contributing to an estimated £50 million drug supply. 

As well as drugs, operation Denver recovered a number of firearms to include; a 9mm handgun, 2 gas air weapons and a stun gun.  A Remington 1187 shotgun and case was recovered, a crossbow with nine bolts and two Uzi Machine Guns.

For operational success, in 2011 Tarian was awarded both a Judges Commendation and the High Sheriffs Award presented by the High Sheriff and Lord Mayor of Cardiff at a ceremony attended by the Welsh Government, Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) Wales and representatives of the Police Authorities Wales.