Regional Asset Recovery Team (RART)

The Regional Asset Recovery Team (RART) was one of the original five units established in the nine ACPO regions (England and Wales) in 2004. 

The original concept was to build multi agency teams to conduct complex post-conviction confiscation investigations at a time when Police Forces and other agencies had limited resources to undertake the work. 

Regional Asset Recovery Teams are part of the wider RART (UK) network and provide an extremely valuable and cost effective service to the southern Wales forces as well as other law enforcement agencies; disrupting and dismantling the assets of organised crime groups that have a direct impact on local communities. 

The RART has evolved from the original concept of undertaking confiscation investigation, and now not only does it provide a financial investigative capability for the whole of TARIAN, but it also undertakes money laundering investigations in its own right.

The unit is made up of experts from all three southern Wales forces as well as specialists and experts from other law enforcement and partner organisations and like the Regional Task Force, have delivered significant results since its creation to include: 

  • 324 Confiscation Orders to the value of over £26.9 million
  • 23 Cash Forfeiture Orders to the value of over £2.6 million
  • 162 Restraint Orders estimated at £61 million
  • £17.5 million recuperated through forfeitures

The figures shown above are made up from a large number of investigations from a diverse range of criminal activity that includes for example drug trafficking; murder; prostitution; mortgage frauds; tax evasion; theft and money laundering as well as other areas of criminality. 

RART undertake multi-agency investigations involving other law and government organisations to include Trading Standards; HMRC; UKBA; SCOA; DWP; Environment Agency and Local Authorities.  Success is also attributed to the collaborative working between RART; CPS and HM Courts Service Enforcement Team.