Regional Intelligence Unit

The Regional Intelligence Unit (RIU) is part of a national infrastructure set up to provide the strategic and tactical intelligence which supports greater understanding of the threats posed by Serious Organised Crime. Its role is to provide an informed map of cross-border criminal activity and identify Organised Crime Groups working across the Southern Welsh Region.

The Regional Intelligence Unit embodies partnership working and resources from a multitude of law enforcement are embedded within the unit, agencies such as the National Crime Agency (NCA), HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), Border Force and Home Office Immigration. This strengthens the ROCU’s capability when tackling cross-border criminality whilst being able to sharing expertise and intelligence to greater effect. This enables all partners to identify, assess and manage the threat from organised crime by bringing together intelligence and operational assets and processes capable of delivering an effective response from local, to national and international.

The unit can link into national and international portals through its contacts within the NCA and with other RIU’s across the country.

The role of the Regional Intelligence Unit is to identify where an intervention needs to be made to prevent harm locally by identifying the supply chain of criminal activity and stemming the source, be that drugs, people trafficking or illegal firearms. This timely intervention works to protect local communities.

The focus for the RIU is to disrupt crime and upset criminal networks by making life difficult for enduring criminals. To do this effectively, the team has to have an informed picture and used modern technologies and innovative practices to tackle sophisticated criminal groups and their networks.
Although a small team, the Regional Intelligence Unit is a resource for deployment across the whole of Southern Wales supplying support for Force Intelligence Units across the region and working in partnership with numerous other law and non-law enforcement agencies and bodies.