The operation started in July 2011 by the Regional Task Force; it targeted the supply of Class A controlled drugs in the Cardiff and surrounding areas.

By October of 2011 officers had identified key members of the conspiracy who were involved in the supply chain. On several occasions officers witnessed two men from London visiting an Organised Crime Group member’s home address to deliver Cocaine.

Further enquiries by officers also indicated that these two men were in turn being directed  by a person in Jamaica.

A number of arrests were made for drug trafficking offences and a kilogram of cocaine was recovered hidden in the centre console of a suspect’s car.

Enquiries into the organised crime group continued through 2012, which then identified further suspects involved in the conspiracy to supply controlled drugs.

The trial for all four defendants in the investigation was held in May 2013, with all four being found guilty. They were sentenced to a total of 40 years prison  The presiding judge commended those officers involved in the enquiry for the quality of their investigation.