Asset Confiscation Enforcement Team (ACE)

The ACE team forms part of the Regional Asset Recovery Team (RART).

It was set up in late 2014 with the initial objective to deal with the backlog of unenforced confiscation orders as highlighted by the Public Accounts Committee findings earlier that year.

The ACE team has adopted a multi agency approach and have a growing responsibility for taking control of the compliance/enforcement process from its earliest stages with a view to:

  • Tracking compliance with restraint orders and investigating any breaches to bring about prosecution in conjunction with the CPS
  • Work to assist defendants where appropriate to comply with confiscation orders before the time to pay expires
  • Conduct investigations to identify wilful refusal or culpable neglect on the part of the defendant to assist the Magistrates when considering invocation of the default sentence
  • Work to obtain compliance following expiry of the time to pay and where necessary conduct investigations to bring about enforcement action
  • Conduct investigations to support the re-visit of orders under section 22 POCA 2002

These tactical options can be deployed at any time depending on the priorities set down by the lead agency in consultation with the ACE team and in line with the regional priorities for action

It plays a major role in the ROCU objective of a "cradle to grave" attack on criminal finance.

In the short time they have existed the team the Welsh Regional ACE team has enforced £1,438,700 and obtained default sentences totalling over 18 years (6462 days).