Regional Prison Intelligence Unit (RPIU)

The Regional Prison Intelligence Unit (RPIU) was created on 1st April 2015. It comprises of staff from the 3 Southern Welsh police forces.  The RPIU is an additional capability for Tarian operating alongside a variety of existing units. The RPIU team provides the interface between UK law enforcement and the 5 prisons in Southern Wales; HMP’s Swansea; Cardiff; Usk; Prescoed and Parc.

The Regional Prison Intelligence Unit supports a multi-agency approach to discourage, disrupt and detect those prisoners engaged in Serious and Organised crime. Its staff work very closely with HM Prison Service to identify and stifle any activities by prisoners or their associates which adversely affect a prison or the safety of its staff and prisoner population as well as the wider external community.

The units focus is underpinned by the National & Regional Strategic Assessment & Control Strategies that look to tackle Serious & Organised Crime. The RPIU will deal with specific threat areas that include vulnerable victim based organised crime i.e. Child Sexual Exploitation, Organised Immigration Crime including human trafficking & modern day slavery. The RPIU also maintains a heavy focus on other issues of community concern such as the trafficking of Class A drugs and associated criminality. The unit collates information on new and emerging trends and shares these with partners to ensure a swift and comprehensive partnership approach to deal with and mitigate such threats.

The RPIU also has Lifetime Offender Managers. The Lifetime Offender Managers work hand in hand with the National Offender Management Service who work together with those career criminals engaged in Serious & Organised Crime pre, during and post sentence. The focus being to deter their future involvement in the commission of crime providing them with an effective, tailored rehabilitative programme. The use of legislative tools such as Serious Crime Prevention Orders and enhanced License Release conditions are utilised to ensure compliance of persons subject to such orders. The ultimate aim being to keep the communities of Southern Wales safe.