Government Agency Intelligence Network (GAIN)

GAIN is the Government Agency Intelligence Network. This is a multi-agency group that brings together intelligence and investigation staff from public sector enforcement agencies to lawfully share information, intelligence and conduct joint investigations directed at reducing the threat, harm and risk associated with serious and organised crime.

GAIN solves problems by adopting a multi-agency approach. It aims to provide a mechanism to enable different regional and local government agencies to work together in a more formal relationship, exchanging information within legislative constraints, jointly participating in enforcement action, joint training and sharing resources.

GAIN has a full-time coordinator based within every Regional Organised Crime Unit which enhances each regions ability to tackle serious and organised crime through the sharing of knowledge and appropriate use of a range of powers available to GAIN partners to disrupt criminal activity, identify and seize the proceeds of crime.

 A referral process has been developed which is open to all staff from any agency that is investigating or developing intelligence against a suspected Organised Crime Group/Serious Offender.